Welcome to Third Grade

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    Wow! I can't believe it is almost October! We have been very busy learning about recounting stories to find out the central message, diving deep into multiplication and division, learning about how water changes states, and the different types of maps!  

    This week we will start learning how to find the main idea of an informational text and recount the key details that support the main idea. We also will continue to learn about multiplication and division and their relationship. 

    In science, we will continue to learn about water and the water cycle. Students will be tested towards the end of the week. In social studies, we will have a test on the different types of maps and then we will learn the names of the different countries in North America and the Caribbean. 






    Grab n Go breakfast can be picked up in the cafeteria prior to entering the classroom. 

    Breakfast will be consumed in the classroom and students may enter at 7:45. 


    Face Coverings


    Required in the restroom. 

    Required when social distancing isn't possible. 



    Students will eat lunch in the classroom. 

    Please use this page to stay informed on information going on in the classroom and also as a resource for websites and information.







     Updated 9/28/2020