• FLAME Information 2017-2018


    The Marion County gifted program is designed to promote higher level thinking skills and encourage the development of individual strengths in students identified as having above average learning potential and a need for enrichment beyond the regular classroom.


    Our program uses a differentiated curriculum to provide each child an opportunity to develop his/her strengths and learn to solve problems and make decisions. The emphasis is on problem solving skills, the process of learning and building accountability.


    The Florida Department of Education provides a K-12 Florida Gifted Frameworks. Eighth Street’s gifted program is structured around the state frameworks.


    1.5 inch 3 ring binder with pockets

    8 tab dividers



    You will receive an official report on your child’s progress towards their EP goals two times each year. There is not a quarterly Report Card with letter grades in FLAME. We consistently evaluate our work through rubrics, self-reflection and/or teacher observation. My goal is for the children to stretch their minds-go as far as they can go- so evaluation generally involves effort- not a specific answer. This year we will conduct Student Led Conferences so your child can share with you what they have accomplished in FLAME class.


    If you have a question, or a problem of any sort, I encourage you to contact me. It always benefits the children when parents and teachers work together. The best way to reach me is by email at Raiza.Perdomo@marion.k12.fl.us