• I have found that some kids are harder to talk with about how their day was than others.  To avoid getting 1-word answers, I ask more open-ended questions.

    Some helpful suggestions are:

    1. Instead of asking "How did your presentation go?" ask "Which part of your presentation do you think was the best?"

    2. Share something about yourself first, such as, "When I was your age we played baseball during recess.  What do you do with your friends?"

    3. Ask "Who did you like talking to the most today?" instead of "Were the kids in your class nice to you today?"

    4.  Start with something factual first, such as, "I know there are a lot of new kids in your class this year.  What's that like?"


    Asking questions that are open-ended are more likely to get you the type of information you want to know from your child.


    Have a great school year!