• I am one of the ESE Inclusion Teachers.  What that means is that I work with teachers to support students in the General Education classroom.  I support students in the areas of Reading, Writing, and Math.  I can also provide accommodations during Science or Social Studies.

    Parents and Teachers work together as a team for all of our students.  Parents whose children have IEP's have an added team member - me!  Here are a few helpful tips to prepare for your child's IEP meeting, or to keep things organized at home for all of their paperwork...

    1.  Make a 3-ring binder to keep all of your child's IEP paperwork with sections for different papers, such as IEP progress reports, IEP paperwork, notes, behavior intervention plan (if your child needs behavior support),..

    2.  Communication Log - print out and keep a sheet with school contact information, such as the guidance counselor and teachers who work with your child.  You can also keep notes on what was discussed during meetings in this section.

    3. Evaluation paperwork - keep paperwork related to your child's evaluations, such as psychological reports.

    4. Keep a tab for work samples - keeping samples of your child's work can document progress over time.  It's a good idea to add/change samples on a monthly basis.

    5. Supply Pouch - keep a pencil pouch in the binder with pencils, pens, notepads you may need during meetings.


    Setting up a binder for your child may take time, but it will be a valuable resource when it comes to tracking information related to your child.