Clubs and Organizations

  • Purpose

    Our purpose is to provide co-curricular organizations and activities to permit all interested students an opportunity to participate. Every effort is made to avoid membership requirements that would prevent anyone from participating. (Some restrictions do apply.)


    Morning Television News Program

    Teaches, fourth and fifth grade students how to run a morning show. Under the supervision of Mrs. Robinson the students learn how to operate video, run the live feed, and help write the content of the show. All of this is done before the instructional day starts.


    School Safety Patrol

    The Safety Patrol helps keep students safe before and after school.


    Our safety patrol members are selected for their leadership, courtesy, dependability, interest in their job, attitude toward others, and scholastic standing.   Members shoulder responsibilities that will strength character and provide an opportunity to help fellow students remain safe at school.



    K-Kids is a program that was started in Florida around 1998.  Its core values are to assist students in character building, leadership, and caring.  


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    Click here for the K-Kids Application.


    Please direct all questions to Allison Polish at 671-6260