About Belleview-Santos Elementary School

  • Vision Statement

    Developing academically minded learners in well-organized, safe, and supportive ways through the implementation of Ambitious Instruction, Collaborative Teaching, and Supportive Environments.


    Mission Statement

    To empower every student to become a life-long learner who possesses the requisite skills and attitudes to be a responsible, productive, and engaged citizen.


    School Profile/History

    Belleview-Santos Elementary School is located in a rural area of Marion County.  Many teachers on staff have served their present students' parents and have strong connections with the community. These same teachers and staff members bring a rich historical background that allows us to more deeply understand the families we serve.


    Belleview-Santos was established in 1933 to serve African-American children in K-12 grades. During the trials of integration, Belleview -Santos' all black population was paired with Belleview Elementary's all white population, with Belleview-Santos serving grades 3-5. In 1973, Belleview-Santos became a K-5th grade school site, which it remains today.


    Belleview Santos now serves a little over 500 students. Belleview-Santos has been designated a Title I school for many years.


    Belleview-Santos Elementary accomplished academic improvement in the areas of reading, math and science this year.