Student Services

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    Student Check-In Survey

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    Remedial Programs

    School improvement funds are used to provide remedial programs to non-proficient reading students after school.  Several teachers also offer tutorial programs on their own for non-proficient students as a way to assist students meeting state standards.


    Enrichment Clubs

    We also offer several enrichment clubs for varying periods of time during the year.


    Reading Lab

    We open our reading lab to level 2 students before school for remedial reading and remedial math. The instructional computer lab is open to students before school to participate in the Accelerated Reading program. Students in grades 3-5 who need enrichment in reading are able to utilize the KidBiz3000 program at home to extend their skills in reading non-fiction materials. Our tutorial program will offer Read Naturally, Voyager and SuccessMaker with the goal of having no level 1 or 2 students at the time of testing in the spring.


    Dress and Grooming Guidelines

    At Maplewood Elementary, we request that students wear clothing that is clean and reflects modesty, safety, and good taste. Shirts or jewelry that depicts violence, blood, inappropriate language, alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, etc. should not be worn. Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist. We feel that athletic shoes are the safest form of footwear. Wheeled shoes and slippers are not permitted. Clogs, flip-flops, and backless shoes are not safe shoes. Hats, caps, and sunglasses may be worn only for special events that will be advertised in the newsletter ahead of time. No child is allowed to go barefoot on school property for safety reasons. Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than half the distance between the child’s knee and the top of his or her leg. Shirts and tops must be long enough so that no skin is bare during normal classroom activity. If a tank top is worn, the shoulder straps must be at least the width of four fingers. If clothing or hair style (coloring) is deemed inappropriate or interferes with the learning environment (ex. wearing gang colors or insignias), and acceptable clothing cannot be found at school, parents will be contacted to bring in appropriate clothing. If there is a question regarding suitable dress, the final decision will be made by administration.


    English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

    For more information on the ESOL program click here.


    Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

    For more information on the ESE program click here.



    Breakfast is served each morning in the cafeteria. All students may eat breakfast FREE.


    • Breakfast: Free
    • Lunch: Free
    • Extra Milk: $0.35

    Lunches are paid for daily or in advance. Advance or prepayments are made in the cafeteria between 7:30 - 7:40 a.m. daily, or online by clicking the Meal Pay icon at the top of the page. Checks should be made payable to Maplewood Elementary School Cafeteria. Emergency charging may be necessary upon occasion. However, after three days the courtesy of charging will be withdrawn.


    Health Screening Program

    Every year, according to Florida Statute 381.0056, schools participate in a health screening program. Health problems may affect a child’s ability to learn or participate fully in the learning process. Paraprofessionals, school personnel or volunteers perform the initial screenings. For any concern detected, a registered nurse will re-screen the child and, if necessary, recommend a medical evaluation. The Marion County School Health Services Plan reflects the following services:


    Screening Grade
    Vision* K-1-3-6-7
    Scoliosis 6 & 7
    Growth and Development 1-3-6
    Hearing* K-1-6-7
    Nutrition 1-3-6 and on referral


    *Vision and hearing screening must be done for students entering a Florida school for the first time.


    Children in other grades will receive a screening if the teacher suspects a problem. Screenings find possible problems. It does not take the place of an examination by a doctor. If you do not wish your child to participate in health screenings, you must submit a written request, annually. Submit this request the first week of school.


    You may call the Marion County Public Schools Health Education Office at 236-0587 if you have any questions. The Marion County Health Department will also answer questions. Their number is 629-0137, ext. 2043.