About Our School

  • Transportation K.jpg Vision Statement

    "Side by Side For Success"


    Mission Statement

    Maplewood is a school where all children can learn and develop to their fullest potential. Each student's success is based upon the school, home, and community working side by side to ensure that each child will become a life-long learner and develop a sense of self worth.


    School Profile and Demographics

    Maplewood Elementary is home to over 800 students. Our top priority is challenging our students to be prepared in the 21st millennium. Being a full-service Title I school, we have allocated funds for a variety of educational activities, ensuring our students are successful.

    Maplewood is a school where all children can learn. All children are given the opportunity to explore and develop to their fullest potential. Each child's environment is structured to develop a sense of self-worth and to motivate children to be lifelong learners.


    As positive role models, we are responsible for demonstrating mutual respect, compassion, cooperation, and commitment to academic excellence. Each child's educational, social and emotional development is the mutual responsibility of the parents and the Maplewood staff. Parents must be actively involved and supportive of our school program. Our effectiveness and success rely upon open communication among home, school, and the community.


    Beyond academic excellence, our success we founded upon treating each child as a unique and special person. With this foundation, our ultimate success is measured by the number of students who learn to accept and understand the differences within each person.


    Maplewood is a child-centered school where students learn, work and play side-by-side . . . for success!


    Maplewood first opened its doors in 1992. Our school is unique to Marion County in its makeup of basic education and exceptional education students. We were built as an inclusionary model to provide the least restrictive environment for special needs students. During our first year, the staff and parents created a vision for the school based on cooperation, mutual respect, and dedication to academic, social and personal growth. It is our strong belief that if parents, staff, and the community work together, we will create an environment conducive to success for all students. Thus our motto, “Side By Side For Success” was developed. It is a statement that reflects our belief and commitment to making a difference in the lives of all children.

    Representative of our uniqueness are some of the special events that we hold annually. Did you know that Maplewood is host to the countywide “Our Own Games” for physically impaired students? Students participate in athletic events that challenge them to demonstrate their physical abilities. Their success is celebrated with ribbons and a cheering crowd.


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