Kathy Andriola

Phone: 352-671-6150


Degrees and Certifications:

Kathy Andriola


Graduated magna cum laude from the University of Central Florida:  1991

•Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education (Grades 1-6)

•ESOL Endorsed (Grades K-12)

About Me

     I have been married to my husband, Gene, for eighteen years.  We have (collectively) two adult children, five grandchildren and a dog.  Brody is a Chihuahua and Jack Russell mixed, and he loves being part of the Andriola family!  Needless to say, Brody is amply spoiled.

     The 2017-2018 school year will be my twenty-seventh year in education.  All these years have been as a teacher at Stanton-Weirsdale, and I have loved every minute of it!  Besides two years in 4th grade, I have spent those years in 5th grade.  It is a blessing to see my students as they get ready for that transition from elementary to middle school.

Teaching Philosophy

     My philosophy of education is that it involves much more than teaching academics.

     Educators must prepare our students for the work force, and that means they must learn how to work with others. They can begin practicing this even at the elementary school level, and they will be successful if they are taught to rise above their circumstances. In order to do this, they need to know that I, their teacher, will provide a learning environment that is empowering and where taking risks is encouraged.

     The role of public education is to prepare these young learners to be a productive member of society and give back. They need opportunities to serve others, for that is a big part of what living in a community is all about. In other words, our children need to be trained at any early age how to reach out to those in need, vote responsibly and contribute to the well-being of the community where they live.

     As a teacher, it is my job to provide every opportunity I can to help each child learn in a style that meets their needs. I believe that all children can learn, no matter what limitations they may have, and it is my responsibility to provide them with strategies so that they can achieve in all subject areas. I know that if they develop a love for learning at an early age, they will pursue learning for a lifetime. That is my desire for them!

     My students are a family of goal setters. They have personal, academic and behavior goals. They know how to carry on respectful discourse, and we have the poster to guide them in the classroom. As a result, my students own their own learning. I love to watch them in action as they learn and teach one another.