•  Daily Routines are important:   I dont expect them to be on the computer all day. 



    I would for them to begin the day with the links to some of our songs. 

    You will have the whole week ( 5 days ) to complete the assignments.


    I Ready : 3 times in the week for 15 minutes on each reading and math ( this will add up to 45 minutes)


    Additional assignments to be completed at time schedules that fit your needs and you can assist your child if needed:

    A  Reading assignment: either a pdf page with instructions  or epic reading aloud book with quiz

    A math: Happy numbers website: after placement test: follow the differentiated path for your child.  They can also work on that for 10 or 15 minutes. / even if they have not completed the unlocked task. The program will save what they have completed and I will check their progress. 

     A Science or social studies task when applicable

    * The rest of the time can be used for the extra practice websites: Teach your monster, ABCY, ABC mouse, Starfall 

    ** I do not want to overwhelm them with work or have them spend too much time on the computer. 

    We will get this and work together to meet their needs. 


    Here are the Kinder websites:

    Students should already be able to log on ABC mouse with the code I gave earlier in the year.

    If not, please use this free code: SCHOOL1686 at Abcmouse new redeem code   SCHOOL1686

    Teach your monster class login:  Children must use this browser   http://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/u/3729392   

    App: When logging in, set Icon id pdf (star code) to 3729392





    brain pop   if needed  : login: valla and pw: brainpop2020  * note: works for Brainpop jr too: brain pop jr


    https://getepic.com/students   class code: gew3608  


    https://www.happynumbers.com    class code 186424 (if you have trouble on link just type in google: happy numbers) or follow information below.

    p.s. password is their first name

     Happy Numbers information :  Due to the school closure, our class has an option to learn math online using Happy Numbers. It’s a web-based PK-5 math tool that moves children along at their own pace based on responses and provides helpful feedback after any errors. Although the exercises are all fun, interactive, and visually appealing, don’t be fooled! Your child will be gaining valuable practice in important math skills.

    Follow these simple steps to use Happy Numbers at home:
    1. Go to HappyNumbers.com
    2. Click the “I’m a Student” button
    3. Enter our class number (186424)
    4. Select your child’s name from the class list
    5. Enter your child’s password (see attached PDF)

    The first task for K-5 students is to complete a 20-question Placement Test to determine their appropriate starting point in the Happy Numbers curriculum,
    while PreK students will start from the very beginning. It’s recommended to use Happy Numbers 15-20 minutes a day, up to 3-5 times a week.


    If you have any questions regarding Happy Numbers use, please contact: team@happynumbers.com

    Educationally yours,

    Happy Numbers Team


    Happy Numbers


    2 Must-Do Items:

    Happy Numbers Getting Started Guide

    Make sure your first run with Happy Numbers is about learning math, not wrestling with technology!

    1. Device Checklist
    Select the right browser - avoid glitches!

    page1image3688944 page1image3689152

    To run Happy Numbers we recommend: • on iPad use Safari
    • on PC or Mac use Google Chrome

    Enter your class number - save time!

    On each device:
    • go to HappyNumbers.com
    • click "I'm a Student"
    • enter your class number: 186 424

    186 424

    page1image3689360 page1image3689568 page1image3689776 page1image1701200

    The device will remember this number so students won't have to enter it again. 

    Test the audio feature - support non-readers!

    After entering your class number:
    • click the "sound check" link (below the list of student names) • click on the page1image3804672icon near "How many Cubes?"

    If you hear the text read aloud, everything is good to go! Students will be able to click on any page1image3804896icon within Happy Numbers exercises to hear it read aloud.

    If you don't hear anything, ensure you are using the right browser and that it is
    the most uptodate version (see explanation above). Also, check the volume and whether the device is in "silent mode".

    2. Give Students Access
    student login password:first name with a capital: example Mary 

    Need assistance? We are always here to help:support@happynumbers.com