Welcome to Mrs. Valladares' Kindergarten.

  • Learning is fun

    Welcome to Kindergarten! This will be a very exciting year for your child.  In kindergarten, they will learn about alphabet letters, sounds and vowels.  We will blend letters to make words and then begin reading and forming sentences.  We will read all different genres that including stories, poems, science, history, facts and fiction.  In math, we will learn to count to 100, by 5's and by 10's.  We will sort, classify and count various objects.  Addition and subtraction will also be introduced in various ways.   We will learn about shapes and colors by observing the world around us. In science, we will learn to observe, classify, prove, and experiment.  Social Studies will include history, facts about America, presidents, holidays, map skills etc...  We will also have computer lab and programs for both reading and math.  Our special classes will include: Music, Art, PE, and Library.  It will be a great YEAR!

     Our schedule is as follows: 



    ELA Reading 2 hour block which includes the newly adopted CLKA Reading Program.

    Science and Social Studies intergrated

    Math: 1 hour block 

    Specials: art, music, pe ( Please remember to have student wear their tennis shoes Wed., Thurs., Fri.)



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