We're riding the "A" Wave in 3rd grade!

  • Welcome to 3rd grade!  Ms. Davidsen and I are team teaching this year which means that I am teaching Math and Science whereas she is teaching ELA and Social Studies.  Our 3rd graders stay in our classrooms for approximately 2 hours before switching.  We monitor our students behavior progress jointly through an on-line application called Class Dojo...parents and students can sign up for an account to this application too!  Let us know if you would like an invitation, if you don't already have one for this year.  The Class Dojo application is our primary source of communication.  It also displays photos and videos of class activities.

    We're surfing to success!

    Our students are riding the "A" wave as we had many A's and B's ths year!  Signing up for the Parent Portal is an excellent way to keep track of students grades.  If you have any questions or concerns about your child's progress, please contact me via email, through Class Dojo or send a note in your 3rd grader's binder.