• Make sure you read a book for 20 Minutes a day!

    iReady reading- 45 minutes for the week. Please do not do more than 50 minutes in a week!


    Due by Friday 4/10



    Please complete the three outlines listed under homework/practice on the video. Take a picture and send it to me either on email or dojo. This is how I will grade you. Make sure you watch the whole video and follow along with her and practice each time just like we do in class. (Don't skip straight to the homework)



    Go on readworks.org and complete the assignment. If you haven’t signed up on readworks.org please do so now. Also if you have signed up with a different name (like your parents) please change it to your name. The class code is: 3WMYFG

    MyOn: Read the book: Food Chains and Webs and complete the quiz after.

     Make sure you check out Mrs. Brookins page for your Math and Sciece Assignments.

    Also look at the special area teachers pages for what to do for Art- Mary Abbot, Music- George McAllister, and PE- Kevin Brown or Laura Sulzener