Welcome to Mrs. Egitto's 5th Grade Math and Science!

  • Welcome! I am teaching Kindergarten this year. We have a fabulous class!


     Keep Our Earth Beautiful!

    Please see that your child brings all supplies to school everyday and wears a polo shirt.



    Classroom Rules and Consequences

    Be Gentle

    Take Turns Talking

    Keep Our Hands and Feet to Ourselves

    Take It Out, Put It Back



    For each reminder a child will need to move his/her clip down one point. 

    If a child earns a ONE, I will call the parent.


    If a child strikes a teacher, s/he will earn a referral, which goes onto the student's permanent record.

    If a child strikes another student on purpose, both parents will be contacted. There are many accidents

    in Kindergarten as the children are still learning social behavior.