Health & Wellness

  • Health Services Program

    During the school year, all students are eligible to participate in certain health services. Health screenings including, but not limited to, vision, hearing, and scoliosis will be conducted at various grade levels. Parents will be notified if these screenings indicate need for follow-up. If a parent does not wish for his/her child to participate in health screenings, they should send a written note to the principal on a yearly basis requesting their child be excluded from participation. 

    Health services begin the first week of school. Parents are encouraged to call the school if they have health concerns regarding their child. The visiting health nurse provides health counseling, health education, and assistance with medical referrals and necessary follow-up. In case of a health emergency, "911" (emergency medical services) will be called and the parent/guardian will be notified immediately. In the event the parent/guardian cannot be reached, the person designated by the parent/guardian to call "in case of emergency" will be notified. School health insurance forms are available upon request in the main office.


    Medicine and Medication

    If students are to take medication at school, an authorization form must be on file in the clinic naming the drug and the physician who prescribed the medicine, phone number of the physician, amount and times medication is to be given and the health condition requiring the medication. Students will not be permitted to take medication without a completed authorization form (including inhalers). The medicine is to be brought to school in the original container and kept in the clinic. Parents must bring medicine in - it may NOT be sent with a student on the bus. 

    Students are not allowed to keep medication in desks, purses, etc., or on their person; however, a metered dose inhaler as prescribed by a physician for asthma is permitted. Upon arriving at school, students should bring the authorization form immediately to the clinic. Upon arriving at school, students should bring the authorization form immediately to the clinic. Parents should ask physicians to schedule medication for times other than school hours if possible. Over the counter drugs, such as aspirin, aspergum, cough lozenges, cough syrup, decongestants, etc., should not be brought to school.


    Parties and Treats*

    Throughout the year our students enjoy parties and numerous special treats* as rewards for good behavior, etc. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in wanting to provide treats for our students, but we would like to work your kindness into our existing reward system.


    Please do not send food or other treats to school without first discussing it with your child's teacher. BIRTHDAY PARTIES ARE NOT PERMITTED, however, after talking to the child’s teacher, parents may send in a treat* to be distributed after lunch. Invitations brought to school for a private party may not be distributed in class unless there is an invitation for each child.


    *TREATS- In this day and age of food allergies and health concerns, all treats sent to school for student consumption must come from a store or bakery, be in their original packaging and be appropriately labeled.