• Curriculum Overview

    Dr. Kelly Kaminski, Assistant Principal of Curriculum

    Mr. Juan Rivera, Assistant Principal of Curriculum

    The classroom instruction is based on the expectations identified in the B.E.S.T. Standards.


    Hammett L. Bowen, Jr. faculty and staff are proud to deliver a quality education designed to meet the needs of all students and ensure our students become self-sufficient, responsible citizens. By using the resources available, students will be able to continue to grow academically, as demonstrated by data.


    The availability of an Instructional Focus Calendar is standard practice within the district for reading, math and science. These calendars map the instructional delivery of each benchmark and identify the window of testing for each Quarterly Standard Mastery. These calendars were initially mapped by teacher committees. Each spring, teachers are surveyed for recommendations of improvement to the reading, math and science focus calendar.


    Teachers are then invited to participate in summer committee work where these recommendations are reviewed, along with the data from the calendar assessments and a draft of any adjustments is made. Once the calendars receive final approval, they are available for download to the teacher's desktop at the start of the new school year. Assistant Principals are trained and in turn facilitate calendar implementation at their respective school sites. The expectation is that classroom instruction is planned around these calendars. The monitoring of them is achieved through Quarterly Standard Mastery Assessments that have been identified for each of the targeted benchmarks and the data that is monitored.



    Students following a regular curriculum at Hammett L. Bowen, Jr. Elementary use the Marion County adopted textbooks.


    • Reading: myView by the Savvas Learning Company
    • Reading Foundational Skills: UFLI by The University of South Florida
    • Writing: Top Score Writing curriculum
    • Math: enVision by the Savvas Learning Company
    • Science: Stemscopes
    • Social Studies: Studies Weekly


    Students are assigned textbooks to use in school and for home learning. They are responsible for keeping books clean and free of damage. Parents are responsible for paying for any lost or damaged books.

    Subject Areas 


    Content Areas Taught at Hammett L. Bowen, Jr. Elementary


    English Language Arts (Reading/Writing/Foundational Skills)

    Our current English Language Arts (ELA) textbook adoption is myView by Savvas and UFLI by The University of Florida. This series is a comprehensive K-5 curriculum. This robust design develops foundational skills and oral comprehension with rich and authentic literary and informational texts. Students have a minimum of 90 uninterrupted minutes of ELA instruction daily. Science and social studies are integrated through reading during the daily ELA block.  In addition to the ELA program, we supplement instruction with i-Ready Online Instruction (an adaptive computer-based program.) Additionally, we use the Top Score Writing Curriculum in Grades 2-5.



    Our current math adoption is enVision by Savvas. This series has been aligned with the Florida BEST Mathematics standards. In addition to the core math program, we supplement our mathematics curriculum with iReady Online Instruction, iXL, Reflex Math, and Frax. Teachers also utilize resources from CPALMS. Math is taught for a minimum of 60 minutes each day. Our teachers utilize manipulatives when teaching math and consistently teach problem-solving strategies to our students.



    Our current science adoption is STEMscopes.  This series is based on the Florida Standards.  Students learn through the 5 E’s of science

    • Engage/Elicit:  Object, event or question used to engage students.
    • Explore:  Hands-on activities, with guidance.
    • Explain:  Students explain their understanding of concepts and processes.
    • Elaborate:  Activities allow students to apply concepts in contexts, and build on or extend understanding and skill.
    • Evaluate/Expand:  Activities permit evaluation of student development and lesson effectiveness.



    We have a full-time art teacher at HBE.

    Students will:

    • explore the great art, artists, and cultures of the world
    • develop skills to understand and appreciate artwork
    • participate in hands-on art activities
    • develop critical thinking skills by studying their artwork and others’ artwork



    We have a full-time music teacher at HBE.

    • explore the great music and different music genres
    • develop skills to understand and appreciate music
    • participate in hands-on music activities


     Physical Education

    We have two full-time PE teachers and one full-time PE technician. 

    The Physical Education curriculum has been designed to meet the Florida State Standards.  These standards include: movement competency, cognitive abilities, lifetime fitness, responsible behaviors, and values.  Students are scheduled for PE 150-minutes per week and should wear the appropriate clothing and shoes for an active student.



    We also have a full-time media specialist.  Students will have a scheduled time for their homeroom to attend media class and/or check out books.  They will also have the opportunity to check out books throughout the week as well.