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    Lake Weir Middle School will be a safe and caring school environment that equips learners with knowledge, skills, and a desire to succeed. Learners will leave with Lakeside Pride prepared for a future that includes high school graduation, college and workforce readiness, and citizenship that promotes positive social change.  



    Lake Weir Middle School exists to prepare learners, within three years, for participation in rigorous academic and vocational programs at any secondary school.




    Lake Weir Middle School is situated in a rural community that is known for equine and agriculture industries. The economic status of the school population varies with approximately 80% of the students qualifying for free or reduced lunches. Student demographics are as follows: 66% White, 17% Black, 12% Hispanic, and 5% Asian/Indian/Multi-racial. The total student enrollment is 1,150. There are 2 assistant principals, 3 academic coaches, 3 guidance counselors, and 2 deans who support high-quality instruction is a safe environment.


    Lake Weir Middle serves grades 6-8 and has nearly 80 instructional faculty. Classes for exceptional education are provided for those students who qualify. In order to assist those subgroups who are not making Adequate Yearly Progress, we implement the inclusion model and follow county guidelines by testing students who are Level 1 and 2 on FSA Reading using the Corrective Reading Placement Test. Based on the results students may be placed into an appropriate remediation class.