• Welcome back to another year of band. As you probably already know we are splitting up the advanced band classes this year. We are seperated into a woodwind and brass class. While we will still perform together splitting the group is going to allow us to to work on more specific issues that relate to your individual instruments. It also will create a smaller class size and allow more individual attention for everybody. 

    To make this work we will have after school rehearsals averaging every other week until the spring concert. All dates for the first half of the year all listed on this page but please refer to the calendar you were given at the start of the year often so you can be up to date on all the events during the year. 

    All of the online work for this class will be done in google classroom this year. Through this site you will see up the up to date calendar, upload playing tests, get any missing assignments, and see any announcements that you need to see. The woodwind and brass classes have two different classes. If you are a woodwind player your code is ebufbr. If you are brass your code is po63jvu. Make sure you use your school email address to sign up. Parents, if you would also like acccess please email me and I will add you to your students account.

  • Advanced Band Calendar

    September 6: After School Rehearsal

    September 20: After School Rehearsal

    September 21: Buddy Night

    October 4: After School Rehearsal

    October 11: Fall Concert

    October 17: ACB

    October 18: After School Rehearsal

    October 24-26: ACB

    November 1: AFter School Rehearsal

    November 15: After School Rehearsal

    November 27: ADB auditions

    November 30: After Sschool Rehearsal

    December 4: Winter Concert

    December 5: After School Rehearsal

    December 7: After School Rehearsal

    December 8: Ocala Parade

    December 9: Belleview Parade




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