Sixth grade science will increase science literacy in the following areas, with the year at a glance covering: Nature of Science, Earth’s Structure and Energy, Rock Cycle/Changes Over Time/Human Impact, Earth’s History, Atmosphere, Weather, Water Cycle, Oceans, Space exploration, Solar System, Size and Properties of Planets/Moon Phases/Eclipses/Tides/Seasons, and Stars and the Universe.


    Seventh grade science will also increase science literacy in the following areas, with the year at a glance convering:  Nature of Science, Cells, Human Body, Heredity and Reproduction, Evolution, Classification, and Ecology


    The science textbooks allow students to write in them.  The book will be kept in the classroom, but each student will have a folder with the pages that we are currently studying in his/her binder.  Students will receive the necessary information to complete homework assignments and study for tests and/or quizzes.  An e-textbook is also available to use from the student desktop.

    Classroom Expectations:

    We want to make the most of each minute in class. Students are expected to be on time, with materials out, and ready to work each day when the bell rings. Homework will normally be assigned the first part of the week and usually be due at the end of the week. Please bring a positive attitude, kindness to others, respectfulness, and make good choices daily. I thoroughly enjoy teaching science and want all of my students to succeed and enjoy the class.

    Homework and Late/Makeup work:

    If you are absent for an assignment, you are responsible to make up the work for full credit.  Students have one day to make up work for each day of absence to receive full credit.  Late work will be accepted up to 3 days with a penalty of 1 letter grade for each day it is late.