Welcome to 6th grade Earth/Space Science 2020-2021! 


    The course work for 6th grade science is Earth/Space Science and the title of the textbook is “HMH Florida Science Earth Science.” The textbook is a softbound book. Students will be directed to write and take notes in the book.  The book will be left in the classroom and excerpts from the book may be removed and placed in the student’s binder as needed.  Students will not have a separate copy to take home.  Sixth grade science will increase science literacy and knowledge in the following areas: Nature of Science, Earth’s Structure and Energy, Rock Cycle/Changes Over Time/Human Impact, Earth’s History, Atmosphere, Weather, Water Cycle, Oceans, Space exploration, Solar System, Size and Properties of Planets/Moon Phases/Eclipses/Tides/Seasons, and Stars and the Universe. Emphasis for areas of study will be for the student to have a clear understanding of what they will have to know and what they will do to achieve these goals. Students should find the teaching techniques active, constructive, and engaging.  Students will participate in a variety of process skills to enable them to organize and interpret data. Use of graphic organizers, the web site Quizlet, online review with Kahoot, and use of the i-Ready® program are tools that will help every student succeed.  The essential question, bell ringers, quiz, and test information schedule, will be posted on the board and discussed prior to each class start up and will be updated weekly on the board.  This information will stay posted until the week’s end for students to copy into their BMS planner which should be kept in their binder at all times.  Bell ringers, which are weighted at 40% of the grade, are start-up questions or vocabulary terms, which are pertinent to the day’s lesson.  They will be collected and graded on a daily basis. Generally, homework, when assigned, is due on Fridays unless otherwise noted. Homework is weighted at 10% of the grade.  If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, it is due on the day of return. 


    Tests will be given at the end of each unit, and quizzes will be given as needed. Students may use the web site Quizlet throughout the year to review vocabulary and Kahoot for tests.  For more information on my course, you can access my website at: https://www.marionschools.net/Page/28261


    The best way to contact me is by email at catherine.murphy@marion.k12.fl.us, or by phone at 671-6235.  In addition, you can always write a note in your student's planner and have him/her show it to me or by accessing the Belleview Middle School web page at http://www.belleviewmiddle.org.  I also have a Google Voice number that you can call or text: (352) 389-1035.

    Office Hours

    8:05-8:45 Monday-Friday 


    If a student is absent from class for any reason, he/she will have one (1) day for each day of absence to make up all class work.  It is the responsibility of the student to contact the teacher for these missed assignments.  For experiments missed due to an absence, the student will be excused with no penalty to their grade.  Late work will be accepted with a penalty of a letter grade off for each day late.It is the responsibility of the student to keep up with all his/her paperwork in the Earth/Space Science section of their binder.  


    My philosophy is that all students entering this classroom will feel valued and safe.  Each individual student will be treated with respect. If you and/or your student feels that this goal has not been achieved, please contact me and I will do everything to make this philosophy right. Also, I expect the same from students in return, and I am looking forward to recognizing the talents, opinions, insights, and personalities that this upcoming school year will bring.


    1.   Be on time, on task and prepared to learn every day.

    2.   Respect the teacher, classroom, supplies, other students and yourself.

    3.   Be responsible for your own learning.

    4.   Clean up after yourself and your peers.

    5.   Keep all personal electronics and toys away.

    Cell Phone Policy

    Cell phones may not be visible or activated during regular school hours.  See page 7 of the Belleview Middle School Student Handbook for more information and consequences. 


    There are 4 minutes scheduled for students to change classes.  Students are expected to be in their seats, ready to work when the bell rings.  For the first tardy, the student will fill out a form.  A second tardy will be recorded and a parent/guardian will be contacted.  A third tardy will have a parent/guardian phone contact.  A fourth tardy will result in an office discipline referral.


    The academic honor code is outlined in detail in the student planner and the Belleview Middle School Handbook 2020-2021.  Academic dishonesty falls into 2 main categories, cheating and plagiarism. Consequences of violating the Academic Honor Code, may result in one or all of the following:  a zero for the assignment, disciplinary action, and/or “N or U” for conduct. 



    Marion County Public Schools - Secondary Grading:                                                     Belleview Middle School 6th Grade Science:                       

    90-100= A                                                                                                               Homework                                   10%        

    80- 89 = B                                                                                                               Class/Daily Assignments, Quizzes    40%              

    70- 79 = C                                                                                                               Tests, Projects, & Presentations2      50%        

    60- 69 = D                                                                                                               TOTAL                                         100%        

    0- 59 = F                                                                                                                 2Within this category, the teacher may elect to double-weight tests