• In fifth grade, your child will take state tests in Writing, Reading, Math, and Science. It is important that your child is at school each day so they can learn all of the standards requried to pass the tests. Below are the topics we will study in each subject throughout the year.



    Quarter 1: Adventures of Don Quixote

                    Early American Civilizations

                    Informative/Explanatory Essays

    Quarter 2: Native Americans


                    The Renaissance

                    Opinion Essays

    Quarter 3: The Reformation

                     Chemical Matter

                     Informative/Explanatory and Opinion Essays

    Quarter 4: Review all standards for testing

                    Personal Narrative Essays


    Social Studies:

    Quarter 1: The World in Spatial  Terms

                     Pre-Columbian North America

                     Exploration and Settlement of North America

                     DBQ- Jamestown

    Quarter 2: Colonization of North America

                     American Revolution and birth of a new nation

                     DBQ- Valley Forge

    Quarter 3: Foundations of Government, law, and American political system

                     Structure and functions of government

                     DBQ- What type of Citizen Does Democracy Need?

    Quarter 4:  Growth and westward expansion

                      Civic and political participation

                      DBQ- California Gold Rush



    Quarter 1: Physical Science- Properties of Matter

                    Physical Science- Force and Motion

    Quarter 2: Physical Science; Forms of Energy

                    Earth and Space Science- Earth in Space and Time

    Quarter 3: Earth and Space Science- Earth Systems and Patterns

                    Life Science- Organization and Development of Living Organisms

                    Life Science- Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms

    Quarter 4: Review of all Florida Science standards for test


    **Your child will participate in an individual Science Fair project this year. We will do most of the work in the classroom, however, some items may need to be completed at home.




    Quarter 1: Coordinates

                    Understand Place VAlue

                    Numerical Expressions

                    Multiply and Divide Whole Numbers

    Quarter 2: Operations with Decimals

                     Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators

    Quarter 3: Multiply Fractions

                    Division with Fractions

                    Measurement and Data

    Quarter 4: Attributes of Two-Dimensional Figures


                      Review all Florida Standards for test