• Syllabus

    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,  


    Welcome back!

                I am looking forward to an exciting curriculum this year. Placement tests will be given to determine which specific textbooks will be most beneficial to each student. The focus this year will be Assess Points Curriculum in Literature, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Special materials will also be utilized in all subject areas and along with a focus on writing.

    Study skills and organization will be stressed daily basis. For this reason, check your child’s Panther Planner daily for homework assignments and important notes home. Homework will be given, Monday through Thursday. Encourage your child to take care of and use the planner. Please do not fold, tear, or remove pages.

    My make-up assignment policy consist of  : 1. Work is given to student upon their return to class. 2. Three given to the student to complete.

         MCPS Grading Scale

              90-100 =A

              80-89 = B

              70-79 =C

              60-69 =D

              59 and below =F

    The grade for this course will be determined by the following:


                Tests / Projects               50%                                35%

                Classwork / Quizzes       40 %                               25%

               Homework/Notebook      10%



               TOTAL                               10

    Communication is an important key to a successful and rewarding school year.

    Office hours will be 8 am to 9am


    Please connect me by

     phone: 352- 671-6235





     Belleview  Middle School website is: www.belleviewmiddle.org .


    Mrs. Cerny