Welcome to 7th Grade Life Science!

  • I am Ms. Cannon and I am very excited to begin another new school year!  Here on my website you will find information on the topics we are covering in class and the  assignments that are due. Please take a look around my website.  You can learn more about me and find my contact information on the "About Teacher" page.  The class calendar will include due dates for assignments and other class activities.  Don't forget to look at the Photo Gallery throughout the year for photos as we explore the scientific characteristics of life.

    Life science is the study of living things.  There are certain set criteria and characteristics that all living things must have to be classified as living.  We will explore this, begriming with the cell and finishing this exploration with a dissection of a frog early next year.

    If you are a Cambridge or Advanced student you will be spending extra time until December producing a Science Fair project.  There will be more to come about this in September 2016.


    Class schedule

    1st Period - Cambridge Life Science

    2nd Period - Cambridge Life Science

    3rd Period - Life Science

    4th Period - Life Science

    5th Period - Life Science

    6th Period - Life Science