• 2021Syllabus World History Mrs. Bissonette


    ~ Click the link to see the 2021 Syllabus for World History


    ~ Once you click the link it may ask you to SAVE it and you can save it either to your desktop in a file folder (name it World History and or the period number)


    ~ You may first want to create a file folder on your desktop to save work for each of your classes and name it by subject (World History, ELA, Math, Science)


    ~ You can do this by being on your desktop -right click, -select NEW and call the folder by subject or period number


    ~ You can also use the MCPS Microsoft One Drive (cloud storage) and do the same thing, set up a folder for each class to save items in you want to find later in a snap!


    ~ Please read the syllabus in its entirety to get the most out of your World History experience





    Mrs. Bissonette