Guidance and Counseling

  • Guidance Staff Goals

    • Help adolescents understand themselves and others.
    • Help to identify children with special needs.
    • Provide crisis intervention.
    • Develop plans to prevent academic/behavioral problems from developing.
    • Coordinating or facilitating the efforts of other professionals in working with children.
    • Provide orientation for children coming to Belleview for the first time or changing schools.


    Services Provided

    The following information should provide you with a better understanding of the role of our guidance personnel. The information will also help you and your child support the work done with your child's advisor.


    Registration: All new students must register in the Guidance Office before starting school. All office personnel are familiar with all the requirements and they may assist you with answers to your questions.


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Our Guidance Counselors:

Paige Falcone: Girls' Counselor
Page Falconer:  Boys' Counselor
Middle school guidance consists of working with students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and other professionals to help children develop academically, personally, and socially.
• Guidance Phone: 352-671-6235
• Guidance Fax: 352-671-6239
• Clinic: 352-671-6240
• Main Office: 352-671-6235

Additional Information

  • Official Records: Your child's cumulative records are housed in the Guidance Office. If you need to review anything in your child's folder, please call for an appointment with your child's counselor.  If you need copies of documents in your child's folder, please call ahead and we will try and have it ready for you to pick up or we will send it home with your child. If you request more than two copies, a charge will be assessed at fifteen cents per copy. If you are transferring out of Belleview Middle to another school, we will forward all your documents to your child's new school. Once you register at the new school, they will request records from us.


    *If you are a non-custodial parent who wishes to have copies of report cards and interim reports, please send in a self-addressed stamped business envelope to the Guidance Office and we will mail them home to you.


    Health Services Program

    Parents are encouraged to call the school if they have health concerns regarding their child. The health nurse provides health counseling, health education, and assistance with medical referrals and necessary follow-up.


    In case of a health emergency, “911” (emergency medical services) will be called and the parent/guardian will be notified immediately. In the event the parent/guardian cannot be reached, the person designated by the parent/guardian to call “in case of emergency” will be notified.


    During the school year, all students are eligible to participate in certain health services. Health screenings including, but not limited to, vision, hearing, and scoliosis will be conducted at various grade levels. Parents will be notified if these screenings indicate a need for follow-up. If a parent does not wish for his/her child to participate in health screenings, they should send a written note to the principal on a yearly basis requesting their child be excluded from participation.  Health services may begin as early as the first week of school.


    School health insurance forms are available upon request in the main office.