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    Belleview Middle School serves South Marion County, including the communities of Belleview and Summerfield.


    Belleview Middle School is located in Marion County on County Road 467 near Belleview, Florida. The beautiful 40 acre campus consists of nine brick and mortar buildings. Our students enjoy the peaceful setting and gorgeous campus. 


    Belleview Middle School serves grades six through eight. The majority of our students attend Belleview High School after completing their middle school years.  BMS is a Cambridge Magnet School, serving students in South Marion County.  


    BMS currently has an enrollment of approximately 1,500 students.


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    Location of Belleview Middle School

    10500 SE 36th Avenue

    Belleview, FL 34420, USA


    School Colors and Mascot

    Belleview's school colors are blue and white.

    Our mascot is the Florida Panther.