Student Services Offered at Belleview Middle School

  • Enrichment:

    Teachers utilize differentiated teaching strategies to provide enrichment opportunities for their students within the confines of their classroom. Additionally, students who are proficient in reading and do not need to be placed in an intensive reading class have the opportunity to participate in physical education and/or enrichment opportunities, which include: business education, TV production, family and consumer science, agriculture, expository writing and band.



    Supplemental and Intensive Instruction/Interventions:

    At Belleview Middle School, all students scoring a level 1 or 2 on the ELA Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) test receive intensive instruction, as required by the State, in addition to their language arts class. Additionally, those students who do not have an ELA FSA score are assessed to determine whether or not they would benefit from the intensive reading class. If their scores indicate a need for the program, we are serving them as well. The intensive reading classes are designed to address, in a smaller group setting, the students’ individual remedial needs while their on-grade level needs are being addressed in their language arts class.