Goals in Math for Students:


    Operations & Algebraic Thinking

    • Solving real world problems that require knowing how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers.
    • Be able to explain how multiples and factors are related and used.
    • Able to create and explain various number and shape pattern

    Base Ten

    • Able to explain and use place value concepts for multi-digit whole numbers
    • Use and explain and how to do arithmetic with multi-digit numbers, fluently add and subtract

    Number & Operations- Fractions

    • Ordering Fractions and explain why they are equivalent
    • Be able to use and explain unit fractions and relate what students know about arithmetic of whole numbers to the arithmetic of unit fraction.
    • Able to use and explain unit fractions and relate what I know about arithmetic of whole numbers to the arithmetic of unit fractions.
    • Knowing how to change fractions with denominators of 10 or 100 to decimals and can explain how these decimals differ in size.


    Measurement and Data:

    • Able to explain how unit size affects the measurement and can solve real world involving measurement, perimeter, and area.
    • Create and explain line plot
    • Draw, measure, and explain different concepts of angles.


    • Draw and identify lines and angles to classify shapes



    Websites to visit


    Engaging math platform covering all standards interactively.



    During school, the students are logging in 3x a week for 15 minutes per session; they are working on individualized lessons based on their strengths and weaknesses. Students are allowed to work in this program at home also and should know their login information. Below is the login information incase your student has forgotten.

    Username: marionfl.student number

    Password : mcpsstudent



    A site that has many opportunities for your student to practice various math skills. Log in information was passed out a month ago. Please let me know if you are interested for your student to visit this site, but are in need of the login/password again.

    This site is FREE to use, but ONLY while accessed through a computer.


    Goals in Science for Students Q 1 and Q 2

    Understand Practice of Science

    • Understand the Scientific Method and each component in it (hypothesis, investigation/research, observation, data, conclusion)
    • Other words to know: testable, model, trial, repeat, trials


    Properties of Matter

    • Able to compare and measure objects based on physical properties
    • Identify properties of water in all states
    • Explore Law of Conservation of Mass
    • Investigate and describe that magnets can attract magnetic material
    • Identify familiar changes in materials e.g. decaying of materials

    Physical Forms of Energy

    • Observe and describe basic forms of energy
    • Describe that energy has ability to cause change in motion
    • Explain that sound is created through vibrating
    • Describe that water and air are source of energy