Skill: Measurement and Data

    3.MAFS. 3.MD.3.7 Relate Area to the operatinons of multiplication and addition.

        A= L x W  or Area= Lenghts x Width

    • Understand that how to multiply to find area and add areas of two or more rectangles or squares. 
    • Vocabulary to know: area. square unit,factor, product


                                    Area & Perimeter


     Once set up:

    Websites to visit


    During school, the students are logging in 3x a week for 15-20 minutes a session; they are working on individualized lessons based on their strengths and weaknesses. Students are allowed to work in this program at home also and should know their login information. Below is the login information incase your student has forgotten.

    Username: marionfl.student number

    Password : mcpsstudent



    A site that has many opportunities for your student to practice various math skills. Log in information was passed out a month ago. Please let me know if you are interested for your student to visit this site, but are in need of the login/password again.

    This site is FREE to use, but ONLY while accessed through a computer.






    Light Energy:

    I can explain  how light can be refracted, reflected and absorbed?  

    I can explain wht light travels in a straight light and what happens when it hit an object. 

    Essential Standards: SC.3.P 10.3 10.4 


    We will be also working on STEAM Showcase Date Range 8-14-17-12/18/17


    Students are continously working on their STEAM Showcase projects. All projects are team effort, however each student needs to keep his or her personal steam log. Since this is a district assignment, the log will be graded by district personal. The log out weighs the Science board and all students have been made aware from day one. The goal is for all students to work as independently as possible.

    I have been and will continue act as faciliator.