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    Third grade is a very intense year.  In third grade there is mandatory retention based on passing the Florida State Assessment standards. (regardless of report card grades)

    I will address report card grading for Language Arts and Social Studies.  Mrs. Douyard, my team teacher,  will address Math and Science.


    Demonbreun/Douyard Language Arts and Social Studies

    kitty on book In Language Arts the breakdown is as follows:

    Foundational skills = 20% of the report card grade.  Foundational skills include phonics, word recognition, multi syllabic words, high frequency words, and fluency. 

    Comprehension skills = 40% of report card grade.  Comprehension skills include reading literature, reading informational text, finding key details, theme, central message, main idea and topic, retell and recount stories, characters, setting, events, types of text, author/illustrator point of view, relationship of illustrations and story, using text features, compare and contrast, similarities and differences, text structures, read with purpose, determining meaning of words in context through affixes, roots, inflectional endings, antonyms, synonyms, categories, multiple meanings,  shades of meaning, contractions.

    Communication skills = 40% of report card grade.  Communication skills include writing text types and purpose, production and distribution of writing (details, support, publish),  research to build and present knowledge by gathering research and recalling research, speaking and listening through conversations, listening comprehension, presentation of knowledge and ideas, conventions of standard English in writing and speaking - pronouns prepositions, possessives, verb tenses, language conventions, and punctuation.

    Fluency targets in words per minute:  1st quarter = 77 wpm, 2nd quarter = 105 wpm, 3rd quarter = 110 wpm, 4th quarter = 119 wpm


    spinning globe In Social Studies the breakdown is as follows:

    Performance based tasks/assessments = 60% of report card grade.  Performance based tasks and assessments include assessments from textbooks and other sources, presentations, Social Studies projects done at school and at home, DBQ tasks and writing assignments.

    Classwork and participation = 40% of report card grade.  Classwork and participation include projects from other content areas, quizzes, dramatizations, research activities for presentations, projects, daily assignments, activities, DBQ activities.