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Mrs. Demonbreun



Degrees and Certifications:

Graduated at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL/ESOL Endorsed

Mrs. Demonbreun


This is my 23rd year teaching at Sunrise Elementary.  I have taught first, second, and third grades. 

My classroom theme is auto racing because that is the sport of choice in the Demonbreun family.  Drag racing is my favorite; however, I enjoy drag boat racing, stock car racing, monster truck racing, sports car racing, Rolex, Grand Prix, and Formula One racing.  A favorite way to spend time is at car shows.  My favorite race car is the "Tameless Tiger".

I've been married 44 years.  My husband, Jim, is a master auto technician - hence the love of motor sports!  Our sons are Erik and Brandon.  Erik lives in Kentucky with his family and Brandon lives in Ft. Lauderdale.  Erik has a business in Kentucky and does custom auto upholstery.  His wife, Denese is an x-ray tech.  Brandon is the media director at Rock With You Entertainment.

I am also an advocate against any kind of animal abuse especially dog fighting.  Every dog and cat I've ever had has been a rescue.  Currently, I have one dog, Meeka, and one adult cat, Venus, and two kittens, Nitro and Slingshot.  I am a member of V.O.C.A.L. - Voices of  Change Animal League - working on opening a low cost spaying and neutering clinic.  As part of V.O.C.A.L., I transport dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens to Petsmart for adoption.  Sometimes after school, I pick up the ones who had vet appointments. I am also hoping to become a volunteer for Animas - the wildlife rescue in Ocala.  Another group I am involved with is "Footprints and Loving Knots".  When the need arises, we make prayer blankets for sick, injured, and/or abused dogs.  We network via Facebook and the blankets are sent nationwide.  The newest group that I joined is Ocala Rocks.  That's a group that paints rocks and leaves them in certain places to spread happiness and joy.  

My favorite places are the beach, the lake, and just about any park.   I enjoy gardening, kayaking, canoeing, and bike riding (when I am not falling off), and photography. 

At Sunrise, I help Miss Newman (kindergarten teacher), with the dance team.  I am currently the SAC (School Advisory Council) secretary.  I support Mrs. Blinkhorn (music teacher) and the chorus as much as possible.  In the past, I was the team captain for our Relay for Life team (American Cancer Society), however, last year the Marion Oaks Chapter was in reorganization, so we did not participate.  Hopefully, this year we will have a team.  I also plan on organizing a team for the breast cancer walk in October.  

I am a country girl - even though  I didn't  grow up country.  I live on three acres of peace & quiet, and beautiful trees.   I drive a lifted 4 wheel drive truck and no I don't go mudding!  It would be fun, though; just not in my truck!