• Distance Learning will be new for all of us so we will be using the Google Classroom platform to enhance learning and engage students. 

    The academic day is from 9:20 to 3:40 pm.

    My office hours are 10 - 11 am AND 1 - 2 pm daily. 

    Below are the various class codes to enter Google Classrooms if the invitations don't work:

    Physical Science - Period 1 - y2kur5c

    Life Science - Periods 2 and 3 - gynag46

    Earth & Space Advanced - Period 4 - tzttokp

    Honors 8 - Physical Science - Period 5 - 5z7zshp



    : Starting on May 4, 2020 ALL MISSING OR INCOMPLETE ASSIGNMENTS will earn a score of 50% on both Google Classroom and Skyward Student Grade book, if NOT COMPLETED by the due date.

    GRADE CHANGES will occur once LATE work is submitted for grading. Please do not hit "turn in" without completing the assignment as that will earn an automatic ZERO for the grade.

    NOTE: Responding to the "Question of the Day" is NOT considered being "actively engaged" as it is NOT a graded activity, but a fun one. I enjoy reading your unique opinions every morning.

    Do not ruin your overall GPA and/or earn an overall grade of D or F for Quarter 4. Contact me if you are struggling, confused about how to complete an assignment or in need of academic assistance.

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