About our School




    Sunrise Elementary is a Pre-K to 4 school, located in SW Marion County in the community of Marion Oaks.  We have been in existence since 1990. 


    Sunrise Elementary is a Title I school based on our economically disadvantaged student population.  Title I funds are used to provide support in reading, math, and writing to our lower performing students to help them experience success in the core curriculum areas.   Sunrise utilizes Title I funds to tutor and purchase additional resources to enhance academic learning gains. 


    All of our students are housed in brick and mortar classrooms.  Currently our student enrollment is around 850.  Our staff consists of two administrators, 48 classroom teachers, a dean, two Title I resource teachers, media specialist, a music teacher, an art teacher, two physical education teachers, a speech therapist and 24 non-instructional personnel. 


    We have two self-contained ESE classroom units that address students with disabilities.  We have two inclusion ESE units that provide support facilitation services for ESE students in grades K-4.  Our gifted education services are provided at our school.  Our primary feeder school is Horizon Academy at Marion Oaks. 


    Our school motto is “Sunrise is a Place Where the Sun Never Sets on Learning.”  We are committed to providing a learning environment that is challenging and focused on preparing our students for what the future has in store for them.


     Important Documents

    NCLB SPAR School Accountability Reports
    School Improvement Plan School Financial Report