Here's what's happening this week...

  • Fall MEME  

    Fall is finally here! I will have to be careful and limit myself to ONE pumpkin spice latte a week.  The second nine weeks is under way and the kids are really applying themselves.  Both English 1 and 2 are working on speeches.  The students can chose any topic that they feel needs to be addressed in today's society.  Look on either grade level's link to see the assignment's directions and rubrics.

    The theater kids did an excellent job performing in front of most of the school during our homecoming pepe rally.  We are currently in works to bring a spoken word presentation to select teachers the week before Thanksgiving.  Some really great performers at North Marion.

    To get the remind app code for English 1, English 2, and Theater 1 please email me at  I also have an account with Pocket Points.  This app rewards students for the amount of time their phones stay in the locked position at school.  I encourage students to know how to use their phones appropriately.  It's ok to see who texted you, but it's not always ok to reply.  Cell phones keep us conected and are a valuable tool, but they do get in the way of actual learning.  Instead of banning them, let's use them in a way that allows us to learn as well as stay connected.