Here's what's happening this week...

  • Welcome Everyone!!!! Please read the following carefully.

    1. I do miss you. Please be safe.

    2. ALL DIRECTIONS for assignments are in Google Classroom.

    3. Please look at your class's sections for updates.

    4. I will be taking attendance daily through Google Classroom.

    5. All emails must be through your Marion county account.

    6. You will have five school days (and the weekend) to complete your assignments.

    7. If you are able to see my teacher page but not Google Classroom, there will be printed copies of the assignments in the front office of the school.  You will need to make arrangements to pick them up.

    How to reach me while we work remotely.

    I have three set hours set for corresponding to messages: They are 7:30 - 8:30, 10:30 - 11:30, and 1:30 - 2:30.

    1. Email:

    You can email me whenever you need. I have Outlook on my phone and am alerted to new messages. I will try to answer you as soon as possible, but specifically during office hours.

    2. Remind app:

    Some ofyou have already signed up. I will have the codes posted for you under each specific course section.

    3. Google Classroom:

    You can send private messages (as in to me) through the assignment section and it will not go to the whole class. I have used this in the past to comment on your writing, etc. Use this if your question is not urgent.


    REMEMBER you will have five school days to complete your assignments. That's Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. You have the flexibility to work on Saturday and Sunday but I am not requiring this.

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