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    Research Papers were assigned on 10/26.  Students have until 12/7 to turn the final draft, however, there are several parts /drafts that will be used for grading purposes.  Students were given a form with their topics, due dates, and a calendar.  Classes are meeting every block day in November in the computer lab to accomodate students without internet access at home.  As well as going to the lab, students may use the Media Center before and after school; students should speak with the Media Specialist to verify times.  Students may not change topics, but teacher will help guide the direction of research and completion of the paper.  All essays must be submitted online through Google classroom; if writing essay by hand, leave time to use a computer on campus to submit the paper.  NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED/GRADE WILL BE A ZERO.  Students may speak with teacher to resolve any issues that may arise but there is no guarentee that the grade will be changed. 

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