Here's what's happening this week...




    Can you believe that we're already in our third week back? Progress reports will be finalized and going home in just two weeks! If you're a student in my English 1 class, we'll be finishing up The Hero's Journey/The Odyssey with a few "fun" activities (I mean fun from a teacher's point of view ;p).  After that we'll be moving on to learning about memoirs. For students in English 2, we've already started on discussing the four major themes in Macbeth. It is my hope that knowing what to look for before reading Shakespear will make it more enjoyable once we start. Theater kids, I haven't forgotten you.  We'll continue to learn how develop our characters and portray them as actual people and not just extensions of ourselves.  I have attached the rubric fo the end of the nine weeks performance of your monologue onto the Theater webpage.

    As always, writing is a big focus in ELA, so look for more writing assignments and practices.

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