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    Romeo Elementary School is located off Highway 41. It is built on 34 acres and is nestled among rolling hills and pastures approximately 8 miles north of Dunnellon and 21 miles south of Williston. As a rural school, students have many opportunities to observe the harvesting of crops such as peanuts and watermelons. Farm animals are familiar sights to our students.


    Romeo Elementary, a pre-kindergarten through fifth grade facility, has 38 regular classrooms, 2 special education classes, two PE teachers, a guidance counselor, and one art, music, reading, speech, and media teacher. Recently, we have added a VPK class unit to our student count for the 2013- 2014 school year. Our school enrollment is about 750 students.


    Our campus is one of the loveliest of all the Marion County school campuses. Our students take pride in replanting the campus with beautiful flowers and shrubs each year.


    Phosphate was discovered in Dunnellon in the 1800's. Workers from all over the country flocked to the area. They settled in work camps and gave their camps names, such as Romeo and Juliet. When the phosphate boom was over, many settlements were abandoned. However, some of the workers stayed in the Romeo area to work the farms, and the area continued to grow.


    In the early 1900's, the Buck Pond School was established in the Romeo Settlement. Buck Pond was a three-room school house that accommodated up to 60 students whose parents were local farmers and sharecroppers. The Board of Education phased out Buck Pond School in the early 40's, sending the students to Dunnellon. The old Buck Pond School was demolished in the early 80's.


    During the 1991-1992 school year, the student population at Dunnellon Elementary School reached 1100 students. To alleviate the crowded conditions, Romeo Elementary School was built to accommodate the students living north of Highway 40. Romeo Elementary School first opened its doors to students for the 1992-1993 school year.


    100 Grandparents.


    • Main Office: 465-6700
    • Fax: 465-6701
    • Guidance: 465-6702
    • Cafeteria: 465-6703
    • Extended Day: 465-6704
    • Florida Relay Service: 1-800-955-8770 (voice) and 1-800-955-8771 (TTY)