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    Compare - to tell how 2 or more things are alike

    Contrast - to tell how 2 or more things are different

    Trace - to retell or list in steps

    Infer - to read beween the lines or draw a conclusion

    Formulate - to create or to build

    Explain - to tell how or to tell why

    Describe - to tell all about

    Summarize - a shorter version with the main details

    Analyze - to break down or break apart

    Predict - to tell what would happen next

    Evaluate - to rate or judge; give value to

    Support - to back it up with details





  • Evidence-Based Argument Checklist


    •  Early in the piece, I offer a clear and interesting claim about the text.
    •  The claim is arguable—someone could use evidence to offer a different interpretation or disagree with me.
    •  I use lots of direct evidence from the text to support my claim.
    •  The evidence I use shows that I know the text well and have thought about it more than just a superficial reading.
    •  I organize my evidence into meaningful points and explain the evidence.
    •  I make sure the reader understands why the evidence supports and advances my claim.




    Reading and Response Log- (to be completed DAILY)