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    COURSE SYLLABUS: Note that there are separate documents for regular Language Arts and English I Honors. Students who are attending class in person will receive a paper copy of this syllabus during the first week of school and should keep this syllabus in the Language Arts section of their binder. Copies will also be available in printable formats here on our classroom website and in our classroom on Microsoft Teams. In these documents you will find:

    Basic Info: Contact, Supply list, objectives

    Classroom Expectations

    Classroom Policies

    Curriculum Info

    Academic Honesty Policies


    Click here to View the Language Arts 3 Syllabus

    Click here to View the English I Honors Syllabus



    Whether students are learning online or in-person, they will be expected to complete the online, Microsoft Forms version of our syllabus form (attached below and assigned on Microsoft Teams) which indicate students' acknowledgement and acceptance of the expectations and terms outlined in their syllabus. Their submission of these forms will be due by Monday, August 31, 2020.

    Click Here to Complete Syllabus Form


     MCPS ELA CURRICULUM MAPS: Students and parents can browse these maps for an overview of what the school year and course will cover this school year. These maps will also be included in your course materials on Microsoft Teams.


    Click to View the 8th Grade ELA 3 Curriculum Map 

    Click to the View the 8th Grade English I Honors Curriculum Map (high school credit course)


    HOMEWORK: All information regarding homework can be found on the Independent Reading Practice Requirements page.