Note that there are separate documents for regular Language Arts and English I Honors. Students will receive a paper copy of this syllabus during the first week of school. They should complete the info form, have it signed, and return it to school by Friday, August 18, 2017. Students should keep this syllabus in their Language Arts folder, but will be able to find electronic copies here should they misplace it at any point throughout the year. In these documents you will find:

    Basic Info: Contact, Supply list, objectives

    Classroom Expectations

    Classroom Policies

    Curriculum Info

    Academic Honesty Policies

    Student Info Form


    Language Arts 3 Syllabus            English I Hon. Syllabus


    MCPS ELA CURRICULUM MAPS:           8th Gr. Lang. Arts Curriculum Map               8th Gr. Eng. I Hon. Curriculum Map

    FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL POWERPOINT:       Mrs. Noell's Class Intro PowerPoint