• To access online textbook

    Go to your student desktop. Then go to Class Schedule. Go to etextbook, click on the blue icon in the front.

    Then click on Realize on the right.

    Go to Classes.

    Do the assignments that have Practice or additional practice in their names that are due in April or May.

    The examples are there for your benefit to view before the assignments.

    The assignments have the name MathXL and Practice.





    DMS Planner, loose leaf paper, folder or 3-ring binder, 2 spiral notebooks (one for each semester), #2 wooden pencils or mechanical pencils, erasers, hand-held pencil sharpener, highlighters.


    Calculators are allowed for 7th grade only. These are Scientific calculators that will also be used on the FSA at the end of the year. Texas Instruments TI-30XA. It cost less than $10 at a department store.


    The grade for this course will be determined by the following:


                            Tests/Projects/Learning Checks                         = 40%    

                            Quizzes/NB/CW                                                = 50%

                            Homework                                                        =10%

                                                                                      Total    100%

    If you are absent for a day when the assignment is due, turn in the work up to two classes after the absence for full credit. Write "ABSENT" and the date on the paper when you turn it in.