•  Video Greeting Below

    Video Greeting

    Parents: Progress Reports went home Friday, Feb. 19.

    Parents: We usually have two homework assignments per week which are due on Friday.

    7th grade parents: Please invest in the Texas Instruments TI35 xa calculator. It cost $9.00, and will be used in 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and possibly 11th and 12th grades.  

    Contact: (352)465-6720, EXT. 55245

    Advanced 6th grade -  hw 3-4, p. 143-144 and 3-7, p. 165-166

    Advanced 7th grade -  hw 7-1, p. 359-360 and hw handout

    7th grade - hw handout circles, and hw handout triangles, rectangles, and squares

    Online classes will meet everyday, and will be utilitizing Microsoft Teams. erert

    Microsoft Teams is found on the student desktop, included with the MS Office bundle. dfgfdg  

    All Classes

    Please go to Microsoft Teams to find assignments and announcements.


    The DMS Bell Schedule is below. It is different this year.


    1ST 9:20 - 10:08

    2ND 10:12 – 11:00

    3RD 11:04 – 12:22

    4TH 12:26 – 1:14

    5TH 1:18 – 2:06

    6TH 2:10 – 2:58 (meet online everyday, Monday through Friday)

    7TH 3:02 – 3:50 (meet online everyday, Monday through Friday)

    LUNCH A 11:04 – 11:34

    LUNCH B 11:52 – 12:22



Mr. Menietti Classes - 6th grade accelerated math and 7th grade accelerated math