Mrs. McConnell



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. McConnell

This year, I am acting as support facilitator for ESE students.  That job entails providing support to the ESE student in the general education setting.  That support may be in the form of clarifying or restating directions, providing cues for on tasks behaviors, documenting and supporting accommodations that are used and or needed, working independently with students or in small groups, and I also gather and analyze data that provides information to help students gain full access to curriculum. 


I also am acting ESE case manager for all 6th grade students who receive support facilitation and some 7th graders. 


I do attend classes with students and have an A and B day rotation.  While my job description is ESE support facilitator, I delight in working with all students in a classroom, not just ESE.  Oh yes, and other ways of serving students as support facilitator are by consulting monthly or more with teachers for students with consultation as a service, and I measure progress and report on progress reports that will be attached to report cards.


The general education teachers I work with this year are Mrs. Osborn, Ms. Steagald, Mrs. Rubert, Mr. Raine, Ms. Wiggins, Mrs. Cooper, and I serve ESE students who may be in ISS.  I do have a master's degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Special Education and a bachelor's from the same institution in Health Education.  I have taught in Tennessee, Alaska, Arkansas, Missouri, and plan to finish my career here in Florida.