Language Arts

  • English Language Arts is the analysis of narratives, articles, and poems for the purpose of making meaning/comprehending.  It is also the progressive improvement of writing skills realized through the implementation of modeling, tactics, techniques, and practice.  


    Instructional Materials:

    Textbook - Florida Collections  Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt

    Supplemental - Prentice Hall Literature  Pearson


    Course Objecives:

    Literature and Nonfiction Texts

         Read, analyze, review, listen to, and discuss a variety of materials

         Identify elements of major literary genres including horror, drama, autobiography, biography, and historical fiction and nonfiction

         Apply higher-order close reading and critical thinking skills while analyzing complex reading materials

         Use a variety of strategies to analyze unfamiliar words in context, make predictions, draw conclusions, and recognize organizational patterns


         Demonstrate knowledge of creating persuasive argumentative essay 

         Write high quality papers in the following modes: expository, persuasive, narrative, descriptive

         Maintain a portfolio of writings for verification of progress

         Use technology as appropriate in the writing process


         Use structural analysis to construct meanings (analyzing prefixes, suffixes, root words)

         Use context clues to determine meanings of unfamiliar terms

         Expand vocabularies through weekly immersion in sophisticated synonyms of basic terms