• Dunnellon Middle School

    Intensive Math




    Intensive Math: This class will help strengthen students’ math skills and will remediate on those skills that students may need extra assistance with. THIS CLASS MEETS EVERY OTHER DAY. For intensive math classes, we have A days & B days. The first day of school will be an A day, the next day will be a B day, the day after will be an A day, followed by a B day, and so on. In this class, the students will participate in a variety of activities to engage and enhance learning.



    MobyMax: Students will be using a new program called MobyMax that will be accessed online. We will be using Chromebooks on a weekly basis. MobyMax diagnoses what areas of math each individual student needs extra help in. The program then develops lessons that is unique to each student, depending on their abilities in each specific area of the content. This also allows the teacher to assist students based on their individual needs, focusing on what they struggle the most with.



    Necessary materials:

    • Pencils
    • Notebook Paper (Wide or College Ruled)
    • Folder or Binder
    • Notebook (spiral or composition)
    • Headphones or Earphones for MobyMax 


    Grading Scale:                    Homework                                                         10%

                                                    Quizzes/Classwork/MobyMax                              50%

                                                    Tests/Projects/Presentations                           40%


    Expectations: Every student is expected to come into the classroom with a positive attitude. All students will respect one another and the faculty. Students need to come prepared to class every day and work during the whole class. Participation in class activities and discussions will be crucial in the learning process. Students will need to bring their Bellwork Folder and notebook to class every day!


    Contact Information: I can be reached best by email: jamison.kirschenpfad@marion.k12.fl.us