• Dunnellon Middle School

    Physical Education

    General Information and Guidelineslearn how to open a combination lock!



    1. Proper uniform is necessary for injury prevention and good physical activity performance. A white T-shirt, long dark basketball type shorts with elastic waist, socks and non-marking supportive gym shoes are required.  Sweats or warm-ups may be worn over gym clothes, and tights may be worn under gym clothes on cold weather days only.  Girls’ shorts must be longer than mid-thigh, no short-shorts allowed even with spandex underneath.  Dress should be appropriate for Co-Ed classes.


    1. Locks and lockers will be issued on a first come, first served basis. A $2.00 maintenance fee will be charged. An $8.00 fee will be charged for a lost lock.


    1. In the event of injury or illness: A parent note will excuse your child for (3) consecutive days from activity, but dressing out is still required. In case of a doctor’s note, the child does not dress out nor participate. All students with excuse notes will be required to do reading/written assignments during P.E. class time.


    1. Any injury occurring in Physical Education class MUST be reported by your child to their teacher at the time of the occurrence to insure proper attention and documentation.


    1. Grades will be based upon: Dress, daily participation, sportsmanship, effort, written notes and tests. Grades will be lowered for not following rules and guidelines set forth.


    1. No food, drinks, spray bottles, or phones out are allowed in the locker rooms. These items will be confiscated.


    1. Absolutely NO gum allowed in P.E.!


    Coach Johnson……..465-6720 ext. 55290

    Coach Rumsey …….465-6720 ext. 55291