• Intensive Math

    • Helps students improve basic math skills
    • Assists with grade level math courses
    • Uses math in real world situations
    • Meet students where they are and help them work towards grade level

    Needed Materials and Supplies

    • Pencils
    • Loose-leaf paper (binders)
    • Ear buds (Headphones)

    Expectations - Students are expected to...

    • Enter the classroom quietly and begin working,
    • Treat others with respect and kindness,
    • Complete homework and return when required,
    • Work towards individual goals daily.

    Moby Max

    Moby Max gives a diagnostic to determine student's strengths and weak areas in math. The program designs lessons specifically to meet the child's needs. During the computer lab time, the learning is monitored, and if student's are having trouble, teachers can intervene one-on-one.

    Students can access the Moby Max program at home on the computer: simply type in www.mobymax.com/fl1204 (fl1204 is the school code for Dunnellon Middle) or click this link Program Here. Students: login/lunch number and passwork/first name


    Grading Scale:                                       Category Information and Weights:

    • A   90-100                                         Home Work:                   10%     (Homework and various)
    • B   80-89                                           Daily Work & Quizzes:     50%     (Stations, Classwork)
    • C   70-79                                           Tests & Projects:             40%     (Moby Max, Bell Work Quizzes)
    • D   60-69                                           
    • F    59-0


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