Intensive Math Grades 6-8


    April    Spring Lamb    

    Students should be doing math work without a calculator at home.   smiley


    I use Moby Max. If you wish to be connected and see your child's progress email me and I will connect you.

    Mar 26-30 Week 36

    • Mon - Bell Work, Percent, Moby Max (B Day
    • Tues - Bell Work, Percent, Moby Max (A Day)
    • Wed -Bell Work/Moby Max (B Day
    • Thurs - Bell Work/Moby Max (A Day)
    • Friday - Kahoot (percent) (B Day
    • Graded Assignments: Q4 
      • Moby Max Focus
      • Percent Packet Due: Make up can be done through Google Classroom.

    Apr 2-6 Week 37

    • Mon - Bell Work, Q4 Packet Intro, Decimals (A Day
    • Tues - Bell Work, Q4 Packet Intro, Decimals (B Day) 
    • Wed - Q4 Packet Bell Work, Decimals (A Day)
    • Thurs - Q4 Packet Bell Work, Decimals (B Day) 
    • Friday - Kahoot (percents) (A Day) 
    • Graded Assignments: Q3 
      • HW #4: Percent Review
      • Adding Fractions Problem Solving

    Apr 9-13 Week 38

    • Mon - Q4 Packet Bell Work, Decimals(B Day)
    • Tues - Q4 Packet Bell Work, Decimals (A Day
    • Wed - Q4 Packet Bell Work, Moby Max (B Day)
    • Thurs - Q4 Packet Bell Work, Moby Max (A Day)
    • Friday - Kahoot/Jeopardy (B Day)
    • Graded Assignments: Q2 
      • Moby Max Focus 


    Contact: Phone: 465-6720 X55245         email:

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