About Dunnellon Middle School

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    D eveloping
    M inds for
    S uccess

    Dunnellon Middle School will be a school where the focus is on student learning.



    Dunnellon Middle School will provide an environment of learning that will focus on the needs of individual students.  Every student at Dunnellon Middle School can succeed!



    Dunnellon Middle School is located in the city of Dunnellon, Florida, between the Withlacoochee and Rainbow Rivers.

    Since 1937, the present site has served as an elementary and high school, prior to being changed into a middle school.  The facility encompasses 21 acres.  The circa 1937 auditorium underwent state historical renovation in 2004.

    The current student body of 690 students consists of 54% majority and 46% minority in Grades 6 through 8.  Our free and reduced meal program serves 72% of the students.

    In the last six years, our school has achieved either a B or C grade from the Florida Department of Education.  These grades have been based on state assessment results and student acceleration since Florida's school improvement and accountability system was updated in 2016.  The Continuous Improvement Model (CIM) has been integrated into school practice for the past several years.  Dunnellon Middle School is a certified AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) school and we employ research-based AVID instructional practices as part of our pedagogical foundation.  Additionally, the school curriculum now consists of more inclusive practices for our exceptional student education population.



    Dunnellon Middle's school colors are red, black and white. Our mascot is a Tiger Cub.