• Hello! Welcome to my website that is meant to be informational with a bit about me and mainly about the classes I teach which include English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 9th and 10th grades, English IV, and two freshman college English classes (ENC 1101 and ENC 1102).


    I have had a varied professional career having been a day care director, a restaurant manager, and a drug store manager. I first began my teaching career at Murray State University in Kentucky in 1992 where I taught English for seven years. My high school teaching career began in 1999, first in Kentucky and then in Florida. I have been at Dunnellon High School since 2006.


    A bit about me personally. I have one son, Keith, who is thirty-one. Two dogs--Dawn a husky and Gilda, an Australian Shepherd. I also have a black cat, Dusk. Needless to say, I am a great animal lover. For fun I love the water whether I am in it or on it. One of the best times of my life was to snorkel in the southern Gulf of Mexico (Cozumel, Mexico) where I felt as if I was in a tropical aquarium what with all the amazing varied ocean life I had never seen before except in their mini versions in pet/fish stores. I hope to spend many more vacations snorkeling all over the world. I also love to camp. I was all over Florida and other southern states when my son was young but have since sold my camper. I now go with my niece, Jennifer, and am seeing Florida all over again. Ginnie Springs is my next destination mini-vacation. 


    When I am not preparing for classes or grading, I spend time with family visiting sites around Florida or other states during summer vacation. Other than that, I love reading in a variety of genres, from Sci-Fi to romance.  Of course, being an English teacher, you can imagine I love to read--everything and anything. We will talk about options for reading and meeting the reading expectation in your classes. Most importantly, you need to keep up with what we do on a regular basis in class rather than waiting until the end of a grading period. The best way to stay up on what is going on if you miss class is to check with me as soon as you return or check with classmates. The best time to talk to me is before or after school. If you want to see me during PAW time, see me for a pass. 

    Have a wonderful school year!