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    Belleview Elementary School will provide a quality learning environment where students will learn and become responsible, self-sufficient citizens, who will be willing and able to become contributing members of our society



    Belleview Elementary School is nestled in the heart of the town of Belleview on 15 acres acquired in 1963. Over the years, the main building has received the addition of several new classrooms. In 1982 a classroom/ media center wing was built behind the main school building. The school facility grew again in 2001 with the addition of two wings of classrooms and the elimination of more than a dozen portables. At this time only a few portables are still used for classrooms.


    Belleview Elementary School is a true community school that serves students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Approximately half of our students ride the bus to school and the other half walk to school are bought to school by their parents. Approximately 68% of the student population receives free or reduced meals and the student mobility rate is over 30%. Belleview Elementary School provides a fee-based extended day program for morning and after school care.


    Student achievement is our major focus. The implementation of both ESE Inclusion, ExCEL Reading, and the district Continuous Improvement Model are methods used throughout the school to provide both intervention and enrichment for the students. Additionally, becoming a Reading First School in 2003-2004 has allowed the school to hire a reading coach that works directly with kindergarten through third grade teachers to assist them in improving reading instruction. Both reading and mathematics will continue to be major focus areas in our instruction this year.



    5556 SE Highway 484, Belleview, Florida 34420, USA