• Dear Parents,

    We started distance learning on Wednesday, April 1. 

    If you do not have access to the Internet, you may pick up a packet of work for them to do at school, Monday- Wednesday 7:45-2:00. 

     All assignments will also be posted on Google Classroom every Monday morning. 


    If you are not in Google Classroom yet, please see the steps below that are supposed to work to get your student on the website.


    1. Have your student sign on to the student portal which is the same place the get on iReady and MyOn. They have a user name and password that they have used all year. 
    2. Click on Office 365. It will prompt you to enter an email address -this is your students email address.  It is lastname@marionstudents.net  Make sure you include the last /s/ on the word students.  Then it will prompt you to enter a password.  The password is the same one they used to get on the student portal. 
    3. You should arrive at a place where you can click on Outlook or you may see a place to download Outlook. When you click on Outlook, you may have to type the same email and password in again.  Finally you should see an email invitation from me to join Google Classroom. 
    4. Click Join. You will probably have to enter the same email and password again! 
    5. Once you are on Google Classroom, you will click up at the top the word Classwork. All the assignments and directions are located there with due dates.
    6. You will either have to download and print the math sheets or if you don’t have a printer, you may just have them write the question on a piece of paper and do the work. Then take a picture or scan it back to me so I can grade it and return it to you with comments.
    7. If you still can’t get on Google Classroom try this way- one of the parents said when they got on the student portal, at the bottom they saw where it said Google Classroom. When they pushed that, they were able to join.  If it asks for a Class Code, it is

     You may call me at the DES number 352- 465- 6710 ext. 51564 and leave a message.  You may email me any time at zdzislawa.parisi@marion.k12.fl.us

    My contact hours are Monday -Friday 9:00-10:00 AM and 12:00-1:00 PM.