• Welcome to 2nd grade

    math- we will learn about 7 different units of math this  year. This starts with Unit 1- Place Value, Unit 2- Addition and Subtraction strategies, Unit 3- Addition and Subtraction, Unit 4- Money and Time, Unit 5- Measurement, Unit 6- Data (graphs), Unit 7: Geometry

     All students are participating in the guided reading and ckla (our new reading series).  All students should be reading with a parent each night for 20-30 minutes. This allows parents to listen for reading fluency and accuracy. Parents can also ask comprehension questions about the story to see if the student really understands what they read.

    All students will learn how to write narrative, informational, and opinion writing. They will be writing multiple paragraphs that include indent, complete sentences, robust vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation. We will work on conventions and grammar skills as well as fine tuning good penmanship.


    Ask your child to share with you what they are learning about in all subjects.  We don't have assigned homework but if you would like additional resources for your child feel free to let me know. Also, I have some websites listed that are great for your child to use.



    mYon (free virtual library) student's should login through student portal 

    www.epic.com (each student was given login information)

    FASTMATH they need to  login through student portal






    Students may access MCPS fastmath and thinkcentral through their student portal. All students in my class also have username and passwords for adaptedmind as an opportunity to practice their math. Please contact me for other math resources. Also, the opportunity for me to sit with you and show you fun ways to improve your child's math skills with games and activities.