Students can get printed paperwork at school office Mon-Wed 8-2; if necessary. New information is posted on course info and assignment page here, also on google classroom, and I emailed it to each parent email. 

    Students can access their own school email and google classroom by logging on to their student desktop. I emailed directions on how to navigate this as the first time they do this they have to input their login information (regular sign on) three times. Once for Office 365 (this is where their student email is) and also for google classroom.  In the student email is a link to the google classroom for my class. 


    Here are the directions for on-line learning this week:
    1. Math -  Students should complete this by logging into Iready Math and doing assigned lessons on blue side. They can also do green side this is their differentiated instruction for individual needs.

    Week 1 and 2 are lessons on Drawing Scaled Picture and Bar Graphs.

    Week 3 are lessons on Solving Problems with Graphs 

    Week 4 are lessons on Telling Time and Solving word problems with Time

    Week 5- Solve problems about volume and Math

    Week 6- Solve two step word problems and more word problems

    Week 7- Understand what a fractions and Find Equivalent Fractions

    Week 8- Understand Complex fractions and Line Plots

    Week 9- Understand Division, Part 1 and Use Order and Grouping to Multiply

    Students need to get on Reflex at least two days, and may also re-enforce math skills by using Prodigy. Espark Math one or more lessons per week.

    2. Reading/ELA - students sign onto IReady reading through the portal. Complete the teacher assigned lesson, and complete 45 minutes in their path.

    Week 1- Understanding How Comparisons are Made and a vocabulary lesson on word meaning using context clues.

    Week 2- Making Connections/Author's Point of View and another vocabulary lesson on word meaning using context clues.

    Week 3- Parts of Plays for comprehension and Prefixes for vocabulary. 

    Week 4- Parts of Poems for comprehension and Suffixes for vocabulary. -

    Week 5- Informations from Words and Pictures for comprehension and Context Clues 3/ Determine the meanings of related words for vocabulary. 

    Week 6- Distinguish Point of View in stories and Understand Literal/Nonliteral meanings

    Week 7- Text Features for comprehension and Context Clues 4 for vocabulary

    Week 8- Word Meaning for comprehension and Shades of Meaning for vocabulary

    Week 9- Connecting Words and Pictures in Stories and Determine Word Meanings Using Roots bio and geo

    The assigned lessons are a review of material we have already done this year and students should look on blue (left side). The green side  is on their differentiated path
    to address specific  needs (for example, phonics, vocabulary etc.). Students are expected to read for 30 minutes every night. Students should work on their MyOn assigned projects but can also read other books.
    (this is also on the portal, and we have been using it all year). If the teacher assigned lesson does not come up, students can proceed with their path.
    Espark reading two lessons per week.
    3. Social Studies - sign into the portal, and click on the icon for Social Studies Weekly. A picture of the publicatio
    n will come up. Students click on it, then do all the reading and activities that go with it. Finally, students take th
    e test. Week 1-  Weekly 1 and Week 2- Weekly 2. Week 3- is Weekly 3. Week 4 - is weekly 4  Each weekly has an assessment assigned to it.  Week 5- Weekly 5 Read and do test. Week 6- Weekly 6 Week 7 is Weekly 7 , Week 8 is Weekly 8, Week 9 is Weekly 9

    4. Science - Log onto the portal, and click on the Stemscopes icon. Te reading passage about animals will come u
    p. Read it, and answer the questions that go with it. When you have finished reading, take the test. Week 1- Classifying Animals Week 2- Writing assignment
    Week 3- Seasonal Adaptations 3L17.1  Week 4- Writing about the seasons. Week 5- Laws of Gravity Week 6-  Writing assignment Fall on Ice Week 7 is Classifying Matter Week 8 is Writing Different types of screws. Week 9 - Physical Science Rainbows 

    For PE, Art, and Music go to the teacher website for that class to view their lessons. 


    MyOn reading projects are past due! Check your progress! 

    I have a variety of other resources available for students if additional work is needed or wanted.

    **This is a learning process for all of us so please reach out to me if you have any questions. 




    mYon (free virtual library) student's should login through student portal 

    www.esparklearning (each student was given login information)

    Reflex- they need to  login through student portal


    Stemscopes- login through desktop