Lynnette Edmondson

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Lynnette Edmondson

Basic information about me:

   * I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember, I come from a family of teachers so I guess it must be in my genes.

   * I started teaching in August of 1987 in Putnam Co.  I taught 19 1/2 years in Putnam Co. before I came to Marion Co. in January 2008.  This is my 31st year teaching.  I will be teaching ELA (Reading, Writing, Grammar), Social Studies, Math and Science.

   * I have taught K, 1st, 3rd and 2nd.  I enjoy teaching Science with a hands on approach letting the children experience.  I have found students learning is more meaningful and they remember what they have learned. One of my student teacher activities is raising caterpillars. We have already raised several varieties this year; Monarch, Sleepy Orange Sulphur, Cloudless Sulfur, Gulf Fritilary, Zebra Longwing and Longtail Skipper. I love watching their curiosity it comes so naturally, and then the questions come.  Which brings me to another love, teaching Reading. This is when my students and I begin to learn together. I show them how to find answers to their question through reading. Seeing students become fluent readers and develop their own love for reading is a yearly goal. There are not enough words to describe this feeling, and I never get tired of seeing the joy on the children's faces when this happens.

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352-465-6710 ext. 51591