•    This class is offered as a yearlong eighth grade class comprised of two semesters. First semester's class is titled Introduction to A/V Production. The second semester's class is titled Fundamentals of A/V Print.

       The first semester course final exam is a working exam created by the county. The students will create a PowerPoint presentation on a career in the A/V job market, the students will present that presentation to the classroom and will also write a reflection on their PowerPoint presentation. A grading rubric developed by the county will be utilized for scoring. The students will have approximately four weeks to complete the final exam process. This course focuses on understanding Audio and Video Technology, Telecommunications, Print Technology, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Leadership Skills, and describing how technology in used in an A/V career.

       The second semester course final exam is a multiple choice exam created by the county. Students will use a scan sheet for their answers. This course focuses on Leadership Skills; Employability Skills; Communication Skills; Analyzing Careers; Resource Management; Project Development; and the utilization of Technology.

       First period students produce the morning announcement show called Morning Madness which airs just before first period starts. I have a small amount of seventh graders enrolled in the first period class, who I hope will become the leaders for next year.

       There is a Documents link listed on the left of this homepage where I've uploaded the state curriculum used for both semesters. I have also provided a link to a free PDF reader, this is needed for you to view these documents. All documents in my site are PDF files and require a PDF reader to be installed on your computer for reading these files.